How to Shine Laminate Floors Properly

how to shine laminate floors

The clear reason why people choose laminate floors is their set of highlights. Not only is this type of flooring long-lasting but it comes with ultimate versatility.

However, the thing that remains annoying is how the dirt buildup unexpectedly accumulates on the surface. However, with a proper maintenance, the floors will always look smart and refined. Here are some useful tips on how to shine laminate floors.

1. Clean the Floors First

In order to let your laminate floors shiny and clean, you must take some cleaning procedures. Start the step by vacuuming the surface. Whilst doing the clean-up, a hard floor attachment is required so that the laminate floor doesn’t experience an issue called scratching.

If you wish for a better option, our recommendation is nothing else but a microfiber mop. It becomes such a safer choice compared to the first one.

2. Apply a Right Cleaner

After properly sweeping the floor, it’s time to apply a right cleaner. Why you need to use the one considered “right” since the wrong one commonly causes a misty effect on the surface. As a result, avoid products made up of soap or oil. Arguably, cleaning laminate floors is a bit tricky. Once there is something wrong with the cleaner, you will find the floor full of breakdown or damage.

Do we need to purchase a specific cleaning product to get rid of grime on the laminate floor? No, don’t do that; you can have a try on your DIY homemade cleaner. The ingredients are easy to obtain. They include white vinegar, water, as well as rubbing alcohol. Combine all in a spray bottle. When everything is ready; spray the cleaning liquid onto the floor.

Since laminate material is not designed for getting plenty of dampness, don’t spray much liquid over the floor. Slowly apply the vinegar cleaner and thoroughly cover the whole area. Then, make use of a microfiber mop to wipe the area.

Some of you often ask like this query – how to mop laminate floors correctly?  Ok, it’s quite simple to do the mopping step. Just move the mop back and forth gently. And never go against the grain again.

3. Let the Laminate Floor Sit for a Few Hours

When you’ve dealt with the cleaning and spraying, it’s very important that you leave the floor for a couple of hours. Why this way is taken is to make sure that the wet is completely away. Tell to your families that the floor is under the drying process.

The thing that’s a bit worrying is when the family members unintentionally walk on the floor whereas it’s in a damp condition. The stepped floor will surely diminish the shine of it.

When it’s totally not affected by wet, immediately wipe with the same fabric (we mean the microfiber cloth) yet the dry version. Before buffing the laminate surface, be sure to check out whether some hazy stains still remain there or not. When it comes to rubbing, use a technique that highlights a circular, clockwise motion. It’s pretty easy, isn’t it?

4. How to Keep the Laminate Floors Stay Clean and Shiny

When the laminate floor care is the core, maintenance is the thing you can’t skip out.  The methods to do are basically the same. The early step is nothing else but cleaning the floor with your vacuum. The sweeping is required to be carried on a daily basis especially when you have kids and pet animals. Their presence, for sure, makes a mess, like in an uncontrolled way.

To generate constant shiny laminate flooring, you can apply the combination of distilled white vinegar and warm water. Like a previous step, blend the ingredients in a spray bottle. When it’s ready, just spread a little amount of the DIY cleaning mixture.

Squirt the homemade laminate floor polish and buff it with a microfiber towel. Don’t forget to clean the areas pretty hard to reach like the corners.

5. Place a Floor Mat at the Entrance

In addition to laminate floor care, a preventive cleaning measure, so that some dirt and grime can early be avoided, is none other than benefitting a floor mat. Place it at the entrance of your spaces, be it a living room or a bedroom.

Speaking of the design, floor mat itself has a capacity to trap any tiny debris, dust, and other particles. Not only is it beneficial in letting your laminate cleaner but it helps you diminish your daily cleaning task.

For better prevention, immediately get rid of any spill – from fruit juice to coffee – once you notice their existence on the floor. If the spill is in the shape of solid waste, directly pick it up and spray the floor with the recommended solution made of white vinegar. The key point is never let the wet damage your shiny floor.

6. Tips to Avoid Damage

When the damage is on hand, you can’t avoid restoring laminate flooring that experiences the breakdown. Before everything is too late, there is no harm to following these handy tips:

  • Don’t wax the floor too frequently. If you want your laminate flooring long-lasting, just regularly sweep and mop it with a laminate-formulated cleaner.
  • Don’t ever try to make use of cleaning pads considered abrasive. The scrubbing cleaner definitely can cause scratch issues. You don’t want it happens right? For the greatest option, we always recommend you to keep utilizing the microfiber cloth.
  • Avoid the wet cleaning approach. You need to underline that dampness or steam can worsen the condition of your laminate flooring. In a worse case, the liquid accumulation shares a role in warping the laminate material. If you have to use it, don’t apply too much on it.
  • Install Felt Pads for Better Protection. If the ones that make the scratch are the furniture, wisely install the felt pads. As a matter of course, it provides ultimate protection on laminate.

In conclusion, there are some considerations on how to shine laminate floors. In terms of cleaning, use cleaning supplies and tools that don’t cause any damage.

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