How to Remove Mold from Wood Surface and Furniture at Home

Remove Mold from Wood Surface

Given the humid environment, mold can grow anywhere at your home. Its spores are also easier to develop on the materials with a porous surfaces, such as wood. If your wooden furniture or floor are infected by mold, here you can learn how to remove mold from wood and get rid of it completely.

1. Types of mold on wood

Mold exists in various kinds, but there are three most common types of mood which appear on wood. They are often characterized according to their colors, namely white mold, green mold, and black mold.

White mold is less harmful to human than any other types of mold. However, the presence of white mold on wood still becomes the cause of wood decay. Without immediate removal, white mold will permanently damage your wood furniture.

Green mold, on the other hand, is responsible for several respiratory problems. Those include sinus infection, bronchitis, as well as lung inflammation. This type of mood is often found on wood furnishings that are stored outdoors.

The most harmful type of all is black mold. It often goes by the term ‘toxic mood,’ although not all types of black mold are toxic for a human. Nonetheless, you still need to get rid of black mold on wood. It usually appears on wooden planks and can lead to various health hazards. Chronic fatigue, sinus congestion, and allergic symptoms are some of the health problems caused by black mold.

2. What causes mold to grow on wood?

Mold likes to live in a wet or dampen area. Also, its spores will develop quickly in porous surface or material. Because wood has enough porous membrane on its surface, it is highly susceptible to the mold infection.

Moreover, the growth of mold on wood is the result of several home conditions. If your home is located in a humid environment, your wood furniture is at risk of mold infection. The condition can be worsened by the leaks in your roof or the wall pipes. Low quality of drainage and ventilation system at your home is also the cause of mold appearance.

To avoid such conditions, it is essential for you to inspect the roof and the pipes regularly. Make sure that they are always in good condition and free of any leakage. Also, you can install a dehumidifier or air filter. By doing so, the humidity in your room will be kept at a low level, so that molds have a little chance to grow.

3. How to detect mold on wood

Generally speaking, mold can be identified from its colored patches and musty odor. However, detecting mold on wood is slightly more difficult than usual. Sometimes, black patches on wood are confused with the wood’s natural feature or color variation. This is why you need some particular ways to inspect the mold infection on wood.

As mentioned earlier, three kinds of mold which commonly infect wood are white, green, and black mold. Therefore, you need to be aware of any sign which indicates the appearance of those mold types. Look out for white discoloration, green streaks, and black dots which have a darker shade than the natural color of the wood.

4. Tools you need to remove mold from wood

When it comes to mold removal, preparation and protection are not less important. Before following the steps of how to remove mold from wood, make sure that the following tools have been prepared.

  • HEPA-filtered vacuum, to vacuum the infected area and remove spores, dirt, or debris.
  • Dishwashing detergent or diluted bleach.
  • Scrub brush with soft and stiff hair.
  • Fresh sponge or clean rag.
  • Mold killing agents. You can buy chemical products which are available in the market. Alternatively, some natural substances such as white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide can also do the job. Choose one that you think is the most suitable.
  • Sandpaper, to remove the remaining stain on your wood furniture.
  • Rubber gloves, to avoid direct contact with mold spores as well as protect your hands from strong chemical substance.
  • Face mask or air mask, to protect you from breathing in mold spores while the removal procedure is conducted.
  • Safety goggles, to protect your eyes from mold spores when they are released into the air.
  • Coveralls or long-sleeve shirt which is important to wear if you are highly allergic to mold.

5. How to remove mold from wood furniture

After wearing protective gears (air mask, safety goggles, rubber gloves, and coveralls), follow several steps below to kill mold on wood furniture.

  1. Ventilate the room where the infected wood furniture is stored. For better result, you can clean the furniture outside.
  2. Vacuum the infected area using a HEPA-filtered Do it gently and slowly to suppress the mold spores that are released into the air.
  3. Apply the dishwashing detergent or diluted bleach. After that, scrub the mold using a stiff This step is useful to remove light mold from your furniture.
  4. Now, it is time for you to get rid of the heavy mold. Apply mold killing agent on the infected area and wipe it thoroughly using sponge or rag. Wait for several minutes.
  5. For a final touch, rub the surface using sandpaper. Besides making the furniture smoother, sandpaper is effective to prevent mold spores from spreading into a larger

6. Removing mold from other wood surfaces

In addition to wood furniture, mold can infect other wood surfaces, such as wood floor and deck. Therefore, you need to know how to get rid of mold on wood surfaces as well. The procedures are relatively easier than removing old from wood furniture.

You can apply chemical mold killing agent as instructed without vacuuming or scrubbing it using the diluted bleach. However, you still need to wear protective gears while conducting the procedure.

Wood surface and furniture that have been infected by mold are dangerous for your health. For that reason, the procedures of mold removal should be done as soon as you find the signs of its presence. Once you know how to remove mold from wood, you can clean that toxic organism while keeping your home in a healthy environment.

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