How to Paint a Metal Door

how to paint metal door

To add spice the home’s entryway of yours, the selection of door’s material totally matters. For some reasons, homeowners opt for a metal door. Not only does the hard panel give an ultimate impression to your home exterior but it’s long-lasting in terms of durability.

One of the sundry concerns when it comes to maintenance is nothing else but repainting the exterior steel doors.  If you think you’re less experienced in doing the job, never hesitate to follow these tips concerning how to paint a metal door with DIY approaches.

1. Take the Door Accessories off

Regardless of the shade or particular model you’re going to apply, it’s nothing more important other than removing the hardware parts. You can start by detaching the strike palates (essential metal element sticking to a doorjamb), kick plates, and the same is true with the doorknockers. Are the hinges required to be separated? Yes definitely; they belong to one of the priorities.

Aside from the mentioned door accessories, ensure that you also release the weather stripping. The narrow pieces made up of varied materials from vinyl to rubber are removable at the present moment.

The recent manufacturers have produced a number of products easing anybody. To carry out this step, simply pull the object out from the frame. Once it’s successfully separated, don’t forget to keep it in a safe place. What about if it’s hard to remove? Just use a drywall knife available in the department of building material.

2. Eliminate Some Caulking Materials

Make sure that you also clean up some excesses on the window glazing. They could be silicone caulk or adhesive compound often obtainable on exterior front doors. Their appearance can be something disrupting in the process of painting. To find the key to this issue, you can take full advantage of a razor blade with a single edge.

In order to let the frame in a fine condition, hold the sharp object uprightly and score the excess little by little. If the glazing surface remains sticky, shortly apply the mineral turpentine.

3. Have the Thorough Cleaning

Another consideration to hone in on is how your metal door looks clean thoroughly. If the steel variety is crammed with dirt and greasy fingerprints, the possible way to do is cleansing the surface with a rag already saturated in alcohol.

This way is considered effective to get rid of the grime. It also keeps the contamination away. To remove the old paint, you are allowed to apply a paint remover for metal. After it totally is spotless, you can cover up the glass pieces.

4. Check Out the Scratch and Repair the Dent

No matter how beautiful the finishing is, dent and scratch could be something problematic decreasing the aesthetic values that your metal door has to offer. To tackle this issue down, you might apply auto body filler – but before doing this, ensure to fill in with grit for better adhesion.

For the vast damage, repair it with a palm sander. It’s a versatile tool to smooth a surface with the help of sandpaper. If the dent is smaller, you can utilize sandpaper and an unbending sanding block.

5. Do the Finish Sanding

One of the essential parts before painting your steel door is sanding. The method is different from the repair on the dent. It involves sand relatively light. The tool required is the 150 grit sandpaper. Why the metal door (particularly the brand new one) needs to be sanded is actually to coarsen the surface and prevent the scratch problem.

Meanwhile, finish sanding for the painted one comes with a purpose to diminish the brush marks. Besides the main part of the door, the frame should be sanded too. To do this, you might make use of a medium sponge for sanding.

6. Prime the Steel Door

Priming is a fundamental technique to undercoat the exterior steel doors. Primer plays many significant roles before the paint is applied. Not only does it make the paint durable but primer also actively protects the layer. To perform the priming, ensure to use the oil-based primer.

Picking out a high-quality primer like an aerosol primer is highly recommended. This method is usually carried out if the earlier painting finish has a poor form. Again, get the paint stripper for metal to clean up the old paint.

7. It’s Time to Paint the Metal Door

To paint metal door, you need to understand that there three methods to go for – brushing, spraying, and rolling. Brushing might be the one that gains popularity among those ways. It’s quite cheap, and every homeowner can do the step easily. You don’t need to have a go with a specific tool – just grab a brush and do the painting. The drawback of the brushing thing is that the final result is not as smooth as you expect.

If you wish for a smoother steel door, don’t ever miss out on trying the spraying method. Although it necessitates generous time allocation and tool investments, the finish literally is satisfying. The choice of paint for metal determines how fine your painted metal door in the future is. To let your entryway long-lasting, our best recommendation is taking advantage of enamel. The characteristic of enamel paint for metal making your door stay longer is not to question.

Then, how to spray the painted metal? First of all, remove the dirt by rinsing the primed steel door with clean water and let it dry. Before spraying, ensure to locate the metal object on unused newspaper outdoor. To get rid of oils, it’s essential that you apply the solvent (a chemical dissolving a solute).

After the door totally is dry, you can do the priming technique. Finally, spray it with the enamel. What about the door has been rusty? Have a try on using the Rustoleum metal paint. The paint for metal is very effective to keep the matter away.

Simply put, there is an array of steps to process before coating your steel door with suitable paint. Apart from it, procedures on how to paint a metal door depends on are somehow a bit tricky yet easy to follow.

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