How to Keep Ants Away from Your Home

How to Keep Ants Away

You often notice that ants gather in colonies and hunt for food at your home. Even, the tiny creatures often look for shelter around your pantry and kitchen just for cooling off.

Although the considerable number of ants in nature is useful, some species are designed to damage your wooden infrastructure. Luckily, there are some methods to get rid of them. For the details, you can have a try these tips on how to keep ants away.

1. Discard Any Organic Debris around Your House

Ants love piles of leaves and mulch making them a great place to thrive and proliferate. The organic remains are usually found in the porch or the deck. To staff the swarm off, a regular clean-up needs to be carried out on a daily basis. It’s not that hard to do this; just get the broom and sweep out thoroughly.

Additionally, you need to check out whether the dried leaves jam-packed or not. Ignoring the cleaning means you support the ants’ growth.

2. Spread Cinnamon at Ants’ Entryways

Start removing the tiny invertebrates by using something natural, cinnamon for instance. The aromatic spice obtained from inner bark basically serves as a natural ant repellent. Sprinkle the powdered cinnamon around the entryways of ants. Unless you find their actual homes, you can trace their trail.

Besides spreading method, you are able to naturally repel the ants by spraying with cinnamon oil. Apply it on the floor and all doors.

Cinnamon is not favored by some groups of ants due to its robust smell deterring the animals. The properties that the spice has are not always about repellent stuff. Cinnamon is insecticidal protecting you from the mad invasion of ants. Besides, the efficient ant control highlighting the DIY approach is, for sure, not costing an earth. And the ingredient is obtainable anywhere.

3. Stop Munching on Sweets in Bed

Trying not to eat some sweet delicacies from cookies to cake is such right prevention. How the foods (usually in the shape of crumbs of spills) attract the annoying ants is no longer a secret. Once you understand this principle, you must find this trouble-free way.

How about those who can’t leave out their bad habiting of enjoying any delicious snack in the bed? Again, a regular clean-up should be performed and make sure for not to let the foods stay.

Your bad daily habit of grabbing munchies and enjoying them in bed should be carried either in the dining room or in the kitchen. In other words, never leave out your food.  That’s the immediate action concerning how to prevent ants. The leftovers, be it a delicious muffin or crunchy cereals, must be kept, sealed, placed in your fridge. In order for the wasp-like insects not to easily get attracted, put the leftovers in air-tight containers.

4. Regularly Vacuum the Kitchen and Other Home Areas

A kitchen could be the best spot for ants to live as it offers a source of edibles – thus, cleaning the part every day is important. Doing a clean-up with a push broom might not be that effective. For more action to stop ants coming, use a vacuum cleaner. It is such a perfect solution to eliminate the ants.

Start the procedure by removing the crumbs. If the dirt is found to be sticky, you can mop the floor. Once it looks dry and fine, vacuum it entirely.

Speaking of mopping method, our greatest recommendation is nothing else by mixing water with vinegar. This term actually refers to vinegar solution. The ration between water and acid liquid is 50 to 50. The comparison should be equal for the better outcome. The use of the vinegar solution is nothing but mesmerizing. Ants literally don’t favor the smell of it.

5. Fix Your Leaky Faucet

Not only does the cracked faucet make you pay the higher water bills but it increases the chance for ants to build their kingdom at your home. How does it come? Don’t you know that a drippy pipe is such a cozy passageway for the small creatures? Unluckily, it’s often ignored by homeowners making areas next to the leaky object overrun by the ants. To finish the leakage, there is no better way other than calling a professional plumber.

6. Get Rid of the Observable Ants with Soap and Water

When it comes to practicality reason, mixture combining soap and water is bad to be missed out on. This one could be one of the cheapest options to keep ants away. Despite so, this type of insect control is quite powerful to kill the social insects. For preparation, don’t forget to provide a spray bottle. Then, fill it with the fragrant mixture. When you see a group of ants lining and running on your wall, simply spray them with this.

If you wish for more useful ways, you are recommended to apply the soda bait. To make this formula, you only need baking soda as well as sugar. Most homeowners make use of the soda bait to repel the damaging carpenter ants. How about the application? An expert confirms that the best way to do is by locating it in the swarm populated by the ants.

7. Call a Professional to Repel the Insects

One of the simplest yet most expensive ways on how to keep ants out of house is surely by reaching a professional. In this case, the person is usually called an ant exterminator. The final method is taken when you think that all the efforts you have found are to be futile. The charge, depending on how difficult the task is, varies from 150 to 300 USD. This kind of approach is also perfect for those who have no time cleaning up their house.

In short, there are plenty of tips in regard to how to keep ants away. If you want something easier and simpler, you can have a try on spraying cinnamon. For the pricey way, calling a professional is the last option. Regardless of the varied methods offered, preventing steps are far more essential so that the possibility of ants coming back can be averted.

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