How to Get Rid of Urine Smell Out of Mattress

How to Get Rid of Urine Smell Out of Mattress

Children are lovely and wonderful. They know how to have fun and play around like all little kids do. The problem is: they may still struggle with their potty-training. If you are a parent or a babysitter, you definitely need to know how to get rid of urine smell out of mattress.

The good thing is, most kids outgrow this habit once they are above seven years old or so. If this still happens, then there might be something else they secretly worry about. It is the same thing when you look after a sick, elderly parent at home. Either way, you still need to know.

1. The Ingredients Needed

How to get rid of urine smell from the bed requires certain ingredients. Some of them are easily accessible:

  • Hydrogen peroxyde
  • A spray bottle
  • Baking soda
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Borax
  • Lavender essential oil. (This one is optional)
  • A handheld vacuum or a canister vacuum

They may sound a lot, but to clean urine from a mattress might require some of these things. Besides, some of the cases related to urine smell might also need different methods to clean it up.

2. How to Get Pee Out of Mattress Using Hydrogen Peroxyde, Baking Soda, and Liquid Soap

No, we are not going to dump the entire bottle of it on the mattress for that. For starters, here are the things to do:

Creating the Hydrogen Peroxyde Solution

  • Prepare half a bottle of hydrogen peroxyde. (It does not cost you much at your local stores)
  • Add three tablespoons of baking soda.
  • Add a few drops of liquid dish soap. Slowly swirl this mixture of hydrogen peroxyde with baking soda and the soap. Use the spoon instead of your bare fingers.

Cleaning Time

Once it is done, then it is time to clean up the bed. Here is how:

  • Apply the mixture to your bed. Let it saturate.
  • To dry the mixture completely on the bed, use a fan or open the bedroom window to let the process go naturally.
  • Since baking soda is the last residue to stay, use a vacuum to get rid of it too.

However, even after you have cleaned it up and the urine smell is gone, the stain is still there. Yuck. What do you do? How do you get stains out of a mattress?

3. How to Remove Urine Smell Using Borax and Lavender Essential Oil

Since the urine stain does not go away easily, you must be quick first once you discover any. (Of course, sometimes your little kid is afraid to be honest with you, which can make matters worse. Try not to be too harsh on them, so they feel safe being honest with you.)

Then, remove the urine stain by using a sponge or dry cloth. Blot it up instead of rubbing it. If you rub it, then the stain might spread, and the smell worsen. It will be harder to get rid of it completely.

As mentioned earlier, baking soda is one powerful ingredient you can use to remove all kinds of moisture. So is vinegar, although some people cannot stand the smell as well. (Still, it is still more tolerable than the smell of urine.)

To clean urine from your mattress and make sure that its awful smell does not stick, you can also use borax. This is how you do it:

  • Prepare half a cup of borax.
  • A jar (12 oz) of hot water.
  • Mix the ingredients into a bottle spray. Shake it well.
  • Spray the affected area(s), whether it is your mattress or/and clothes.
  • Mix borax with water into a gallon. This is also to make sure the smell does not stick.
  • Turn it into a vapor in the room. (You can steam it inside). Leave it until you can feel the effect. If you no longer smell any urine in the room, this method works.

Unfortunately, not everyone loves the smell of borax. If you prefer something better, use lavender essential oil instead. Combine the hydrogen peroxyde solution with it. Here is how:

Add the lavender essential oil into the hydrogen peroxyde solution before spraying the mixture on the bed and other affected area(s). Of course, to make sure the mixture goes well, do not shake the spray bottle too hard.

Spray more on the pee stain. The problem with this is when you try to clean dried urine from mattress that has been there for a while. Even after you have washed it and the smell is gone, the mark is still there. How annoying.

After spraying, leave it for a while. It does not take hours, but only a few minutes and you get to see the result. The stain is gone. Yay.

Since the gritty baking soda residue is there, do not forget to vacuum your mattress. That is the only last step you need.

4. What If the Urine Smell or Stain Does Not Go Away Easily?

Okay, so you have tried all the methods above. Unfortunately, the odor is still there no matter how often you wash the mattress. No shame is needed, call the professionals.

The expert will show up with a special odor removal that will save your bed. Well, since it is special, you might need to dig deeper into your wallet for this. It is worth it, though, especially since the urine smell really stinks.

The Preventative Method

Gone is the urine, its smell, and its stain. You are free and off the hook, aren’t you? Well, as long as you still have little kids or pets, things can still happen. This is the part where the preventative method is required.

Get a waterproof mattress protector every time you purchase a new bed. Consider this an investment, since this protector also works wonders to prevent other nasty stuff. For example: allergen, bacteria, dust mites, fluids, and perspiration.

Now you know how to get urine smell out of mattress. Not only that, but you also know how to make sure it does not come back, even when you still have little kids on a potty-training at home.

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