How to Get Rid of Roaches Using 6 Simple Methods

How to Get Rid of Roaches

Cockroaches are a tough fighter; once they occupy your house, the bugs will make it like their home as well. Among any other insects, they are strong and resilient with a capability to double up numbers in no time. And here’s the reason why; people mostly stomp on the sight of them without knowing that this move only let even more baby cockroach on release. So, how to get rid of roaches from our house forever? Is it possible?

There are many reasons why we should keep roaches away—from aesthetic reason to hygiene to health excuse since we know that they are potent disease carrier. Here’s a thing; just because your work station is clean, doesn’t mean that you’re out of trouble. Cockroach infestation begins in a hidden spot, dark and damp ones while building up their camp.

1. Cockroach Infestation at Homes

If you must know, different types of cockroach occupy a different place at home. They don’t leave many visible trails, but you can easily spot them because they can be shamelessly sipping on the spilled milk in broad daylight.

Finding their nest, however, is crucial to kill the colony entirely. While some baby roaches are breed in a steamy environment, some other love to build their nest around drier surrounding.

  • American Cockroaches

They’re come in small sizes, ranging from 7 mm to 4 cm long and have reddish-brown skin. Most of the time, this type of cockroach love to live in hot and humid surrounding; look to places like the bin, near the sewer, and trees. They’re constantly looking for foods and water, so sealing off the source is vital.

  • Oriental Cockroaches

Judging by its appearance, the oriental cockroaches look almost like a beetle in color—they’re shiny dark brown to nearly black. Unlike the American cockroaches, the oriental types are mostly found in outdoor areas such as piles of leaves or under the stones. This type, however, also loves to roam around the house in search of food.

  • German Cockroaches

They love places with warmth and moisture. German cockroaches have light brown skin and unlike the other types, rarely fly—although they grow wings. They love to finish their business inside, like in the kitchen or bathroom. German cockroaches are also easily attracted to moisture and food.

2. How to Kill Cockroaches   

Since cockroaches are extremely buoyant bugs, you need the plot to kick them butt using en effective roach killer; be it roach bait or traps. I know it sounds helluva crazy to plot an attack against the bugs, but you need a useful strategy not to waste any effort.

You must be aware that the pest can thrive because baby roaches are especially hard to kill, let alone found and rid of so they can grow and build an entire troop easily. To help you start, here’s how to get rid of cockroaches using simple strategies.

  • Seal off any food source—or any other source

To kill the roaches, you need to begin somewhere. Let’s ponder on where the roaches usually spend their place. Don’t leave the cereal open. Wipe out any milk spills, and take away bread crumbs that may draw them to come. More often, roaches also love to leave a trail on piled papers; their pheromone is well absorbed in the paper so they can find the way to go back and forth to the base.

Put all food inside a container and get rid of old newspaper, cardboard boxes, and piles of clutter— that may be a good starting point.

  • Treat yourself a bait

No, this one is not for you; buying roach bait at the store would be a deadly and powerful weapon to make the cockroaches kill each other. Place the bait near the trash bin or sewer—anyplace they like to roam around. The bait consists of mixed boric acid and other powerful attractants so the roaches will likely to get the bait back in the house. Most roach baits have active ingredients even when they excrete, the poison stays to be consumed by other roaches and even the baby ones.

  • Close down holes and cracks

Their tiny attribute makes it a lot easier for roaches to travel and hide through holes, cracked up walls, even the tiniest space under the door. To get a maximum-security level, be sure to check on any watering holes, around the pipes, and drains. For a better result, you may place roach traps coated in sticky glue to catch hem red-handed.

  • Mix your own roach poison

Among natural roach killer is the boric acid formula, which also commonly incorporated for pest control by professionals. You can find the powder at a local store as laundry booster; mix it with powdered sugar to create a deadly roach killer, and spread lightly under the fridge, near holes, or next to trash bin. The boric acid poison cockroaches from the inside due to ingesting and destroy their exoskeleton.

  • Get professional help

Professional roach exterminator will remove any evidence of cockroach infestation in the house in a quick manner. This help allows you to employ natural roach killer using diatomaceous earth to eradicate the bugs for good. However, hiring an exterminator could be costly, around $100, depending on how large the infestation is. This last extensive source is possible to remove cockroach nest, which most methods are failed to cope with.

  • Bring on the nature gifts

Natural ingredients may not kill roaches instantly, but it may shoo them off. Popular repellent like bay leaves and coffee grounds are known to keep insects away from entering your house. The smell of bay leaves and coffee grounds is strong enough; place it around the entrance, and they will think a thousand times upon entering because the roaches don’t like the smell.

There are actually still many ways to answer what kills cockroaches instantly. You can use soapy water or aerosol mix in direct contact. Mix water with soap and spray on the roaches to watch it work slowly—but in this sense, aerosol works better as roaches repellent. Fogging can also help a lot; it releases pesticide that fills the air, but it makes too extensive of an effort. You may need to choose one method and plan thoroughly for a maximum result.

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