How to Get Rid of Fleas with 7 Most Effective Methods

How to Get Rid of Fleas

It’s tiny, itchy, and oh, so annoying! Flea infestation is commonly encountered when you have pets, and they’re the most irritating insect to deal with. The early inspection will help you reduce the cost of controlling and even removing them for good. Since fleas are super small and very energetic, they can move around and jump around; after your pets, they will likely target rugs, cushions, even your hair. The question remains; how to get rid of fleas at once?

1. Signs of Flea Infestation

  • Constant scratching

When you feel like scratching more often than you’ve ever had for the day, that’s one alarming sign of flea invasion. Fleas in house can affect everybody, so you need to get the right flea treatment for cats, dogs, or anyone present.

  • Itchy feet

It’s mostly because of fleas when your pets move around without you making them chase a ball or catching twig. Immediately use a flea comb to groom them and spot the fleas at the same time. Also, be sure to notice any restlessness of the pets including sleep deprived or a sign of irritation.

  • Deposit drops

Just like any other insects, fleas “love” to leave marks. In most cases, the white trail is their egg drops, where they usually lay them on thick carpet or bedding areas. If you sport the dark/black/brownish trail in powdery looking, that’s most likely the flea droppings.

2. How to Kill Fleas in Your House

Once you experience the signs of flea infestation, it’s time to take action. Their small size makes it quite hard to directly target the infected spot and apply the treatment generously. But, that shouldn’t stop you from hunting them down.

The following methods are considered to be an extensive way of getting rid the fleas and their invasion once and for all.

  • If haven’t, sign up for pest control program

This is probably more of a prevention stage when you have pets running around the house. Call the vet and ask for the best recommendation to perform a complete flea treatment for cats or dogs so they won’t spread to any wider areas. In most cases, your vet will provide with medication and other treatment products.

  • Regular Cleansing

By this, I mean you should change the habit of vacuuming—especially if you haven’t made it your regular manner. Vacuuming, in this sense, will cause a major effect on an easy way to kill fleas and remove them from your house. Vacuuming the carpet, curtains, sofa, bedding, and under the furniture is aimed to target flea eggs and some invisible droppings and trails.

In some areas where your pets hang around often, vacuum at least three times a week—or better still, every day. Right after vacuuming, you should empty the bin so the eggs won’t have the time to hatch and prevent re-infestation.

  • Apply Flea Sprays on Infected Areas

DIY flea sprays are one of the natural flea killers, easy to make, and very convenient to apply. It can be sprayed on the surface of your sofas, couch, rugs, beddings, pet blankets, pillows, and everything possible. Upon the first contact, the flea sprays would be able to eradicate this tiny insect along with their eggs. You can buy the engineered solution on the store or create it using natural ingredients for a safer and less-poisonous impact.

  • Feed you pets with flea tablets

Since the commonest suspect of flea infestation in the house is pets, feeding them with flea tablets will make the first step to help to eliminate the invasion right from its source. Unfortunately, the effect can only last for the day and is considered to be effective in killing adult fleas—if you’re thinking of eliminating the eggs, combine the use of flea tablets and sprays. The tablets are best used after you’re sure that the house is flea-free. It works almost like in a prevention mode, and your dogs or cats must take in certain dose, depending on their size.

  • Chemical Fogging

In a less rare case, when vacuuming the surrounding is not effective fogging may be the last option to kill fleas in the house. This method is a very effective flea killer, even for those under wraps teensy-weensy irritating bug. The most recommended solution used in fogging fleas is aerosol, choose mixed one with solution like permethrin and methoprene. The initial one is capable to kill adult fleas, and the later formula is used to eliminate the smaller being—the eggs, larvae, and pupae.

Before starting, be sure to cover any exposed utensils and dishes, turn off your smoke alarms, close down all doors and windows, and get out of the house. Leave the building for a couple of minutes; open all windows afterward to remove remaining fogs.

  • Wash the beddings using hot water

Beddings are prone to be infested with fleas, primarily because it’s also your pets’ favorite place to chill. Cleaning them regularly won’t be enough; instead, soak the blanket, the bed cover, cushion, or rug in hot water—preferably with soap. When the infestation is severe, cleanse thoroughly everyone’s beddings.

  • Consider the old way—a flea comb

A flea comb may not be a powerful flea killer, but it’s powerful enough to control the infestation. Buy one in the local store, and bring your pets outside. Place a bowl of soapy solution besides to dip it right after you finish one stroke. The fleas mostly occupy the neck and tail area, so make sure you stroke them more generously.

There you have basic and most effective methods to kill fleas in house. While some of them require medical supervision and chemical treatment, there is other home remedy for fleas using natural ingredients such as lemon juice and rosemary leaves. The two are known for its benefits to repel insect without harming the surrounding. Mix them with hot water and spray the solution—consider it as a flea treatment for dogs and cats.

If you suspect any flea infestation in the yard, be sure to regularly lawn the grass, remove all debris from any bushes and expose as much areas to sunlight as possible. This way, your pets can lie down or play under the bushes without any worry.

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