How to Get Rid of Fleas on Human

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Human

Can humans get flea? Definitely yes; fleas’ presence is unimaginable. The tiny crawling creatures don’t only dwell and cool off under your shady protein filament, but they feed on you. They suck your blood anytime they want, making your head feel madly itchy along the day.

Disastrously, they lay some amounts of eggs causing terrible look on you unless you wear headgear. Keep calm and try these handy tips on how to get rid of fleas on a human.

1. Have a Go with Cold Compress

Out of the relieving treatments on flea infection, taking cold compress is considered the most affordable. To apply this method, you just need 6 ice cubes and a towel. Although this type of easy remedy doesn’t kill the small animals, at least, your itching and swelling problems can be diminished. Start the procedure by grabbing the ice cubes and placing them in a towel.

After covering the ice with the towel, you can immediately apply the compress by pressing it gently on your head – particularly the skin affected by the fleas’ bites. It takes 15 minutes to do this. Repeat the step around 2 to three times until you feel better. For the best result, do this remedy regularly on a daily basis.

2. Get the Fleas off with Hot Shower

A remedy is, in point of fact, not adequate. It’s time to wipe out fleas on humans skin all or nothing. Whilst taking up the action, you are recommended to get the most out of products serving as a flea repellent for humans.

The first option would be great with flea shampoo. This type of shampoo is commonly designed for getting rid of lice found in dogs. All we can say is that flea shampoo for humans is quite rare.

It totally is fine applying the dogs’ flea shampoo. Don’t torment yourself and even lose sleep! Although the liquid is inconvenient for your acidic head skin, it doesn’t ruin your scalp and hair.

Unfortunately, it’s not applicable to the color-treated hair. After properly washing your hair, without further ado, apply the shampoo in a basin. Why you need this item is basically to protect other parts of your body from the absorbance.

Seeking out an alternative milder? Never hesitate to have a try on the dish soap. Despite the fact that it doesn’t look stronger, it’s pretty effective in getting rid of fleas on your hair. You can give your head a massage, slowly rubbing it, whilst applying this soap.

Let it for about 10 minutes till everything runs greatly. Besides, you can make a paste combining ingredients like baking soda, water, and salt. This way is also amazing.

3. Try Almond for Natural Option

Unless you like chemicals, you might make an effort with almond. We’re pretty sure that you know this nutty seed high in antioxidant. Not only is almond reliable providing something more natural but it can tackle the issue of fleas down on hand.

Things you need to make this mixture include 8 pieces of almond, two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, and not mention a bowl of water. The ingredients are indeed ubiquitous in the market.

Before making the mixture, be sure to immerse the almonds in a bowl of water for one night. The purpose of dipping the nutty pieces is to ease you in terms of removing the almond skin.

After tearing off the skin, you can grind the almonds in the following morning – then the paste is ready to be blended with the lime juice. For the application, simply daub the soft substance on to your scalp and hair and leave it for some hours.

4. Keep away from Fleas with a Flea Repellent

Although you’ve got some hair treatments, it doesn’t mean that threat from fleas doesn’t halt. For the preventive action, ensure that your clothes are flea-free too by spraying with a flea repellent. As clothes you’re wearing are right next to your skin, our recommendation is by using the one that is safe, more natural, and prevents you from skin irritation. It could be made up of essential oils.

To guarantee that your spray is chemical-free, you can make your own DIY spray by mixing the distilled water – or boiled water – with some amounts of essential oils.

There is a wide variety of aromatic oils including citronella oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, as well as rosemary oil. Not only do they keep you off from fleas but the oils give multiple protections to your skin. Arguably, this flea repellent for humans is such a health preference.

5. Get the 70% Alcohol

Is the itching problem getting scarier? Take this super remedy with 70% alcohol. Comprised of isopropyl, this sort of alcohol is known for its effectiveness in ending the life cycle of fleas quickly. The procedure for doing this is quite straightforward. Soak your hands in a bowl of alcohol for a couple of seconds. Then, start massaging your scalp with the saturated hands. Rinse the head thoroughly and repeat this way twice a week.

6. Red Onion, Why Not?

Another natural method you can opt for is by making use of red onion. The key element playing a significant role in getting rid of the fleas is a substance called sulfur. Aside from the red onion, you need a cloth.

Start the step by grinding out the spice until it becomes a purplish, white paste. Then, put it in the cloth and squeeze it to get the juicy stuff. Daub the juice over the scalp and leave it for some hours. Finally, rinse your head with warm water.

7. Aloe Vera Can be Useful to Repel the Fleas

Do you grow aloe vera in your garden? Why don’t you take advantage of the green plant? Its anti-inflammatory property surely reduces the swelling problem caused by the bites of the fleas. Apply the gel of aloe vera on the affected parts of scalp thoroughly. Let it stay for around 20 minutes then rinse your head with water.

In conclusion, there are plenty of tips on how to get to get rid of fleas on human from taking an easy remedy with the cold compress to benefitting the aloe vera.

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