Handy Tips You Can Easily Try: How to Clean Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Clean Wood Kitchen Cabinets

It’s arguably true that wood kitchen cabinets are the most susceptible objects that get grimy fast. Don’t you realize that the wooden pieces are such a strategic place to spill anything you cook from tomato sauce to olive oil?

Yes, it’s trouble-free to remove a freshly spilled stain from food preparation, like the residue of your banana smoothie. What about the old ones? Simply follow these tips on how to clean wood kitchen cabinets efficiently.

1. Apply Vinegar for Natural Choice

Who doesn’t know the adeptness of vinegar when it comes to cleaning kitchen cabinets made of wood? The greasy elements covering the wooden surface can efficiently be removed with this acidic liquid.

To make the vinegar solution, be sure to combine vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. The ratio between the main ingredients is 50 to 50. Shake the mixture well and let them merge.

Spray the dirty wooden cabinet with the vinegar solution and leave it for a couple of minutes. Then, sweep out with the soft cloth of yours. If the grime remains there, you can repeat the procedure and add some dishwashing detergent (liquid is highly preferred) in the vinegar solution. Several minutes later, your shabby kitchen cabinet turns into something brand-new and stylish as well.

Cleaning kitchen cabinets with vinegar has been applied by mothers at the kitchen for a number of years across the globe. Not only does the liquid give the best natural solution but it’s such a great option to those going for a budget. Compared to other famed cleaning products available in the market, this one is truly bargain-basement.

2. Use Murphy’s Oil Soap

The existence of Murphy’s oil soap is no longer to question. Having accompanied kitchen owners for more than 10 decades, this effective cleaning product is capable of getting rid of the stubborn dirt and filth. The people fix on this one because it makes the cabinet surface appear to be more shiny and silky. With citrusy scent generated, we assure that you would never leave out your kitchen.

For the best result, we recommend that you use a small scrub brush – unless you have that, you can make use of an unused toothbrush. Before applying Murphy’s oil soap, there is no way better other than combining it with warm water.

Soak the toothbrush in the mixture for a few minutes then start scrubbing the greasy area with the brush. You don’t need to be in a hurry while doing the clean-up. Just slowly but surely have a go with that.

When cleaning wood cabinets with this; don’t forget to clean the parts relatively hard to reach – nook and crannies for instance. To clean the surface, simply spray the dirty area with the solution twice, let it sit for some minutes, then thoroughly wipe with your soft cloth.

Although the drawers look fine, there is no harm to using cleaning the interior parts of your wooden cabinet. Keep repeating this method until the stubborn grease go away.

3. Try Detergent plus Water

If you go for the simplest option, you should not skip out on maximizing this easy-to-make solution – detergent plus water. The general rule you need to follow is nothing else yet having the right measurement. In this case, be sure to include two cups of water into one cup of detergent.

That is to say, the ratio between water and detergent is 2 to 1. The keynote is never give much solution onto the surface or it will harm the finishing.

4. Eliminate Dust-Grabbing Grease with Cooking Ingredients

Check out whether your cooking oil and baking soda are obtainable at your kitchen or not. After finding them immediately, ensure to combine the two cooking components well. The proportion includes one for vegetable oil and two for baking soda.

The appearance of the solution looks like golden, white oily paste. As a matter of fact, it’s quite effective to clean greasy cabinets at the lovely kitchen of yours.

For the application, just daub the paste onto the affected area on your wooden kitchen cabinet. Rub and wipe slowly with the soft cloth. If you have no this fabric, you might have a try on the paper towel.

The buildup that looks bad-looking full with grease will gradually fade away. As everything begins to soften, the dirt is finally gone without any notification. Then dry the surface with your soft cloth.

5. Remove the Cabinets’ Dirt with Blue Dawn

Blue Dawn could be a wood cabinet cleaner that carries out total ability in fully removing the grease and varied dirt on your cabinet. After providing a bowl of warm water, add a few drops of Blue Dawn into it.

Then, soak a cleaning sponge in it for a couple of minutes. Squeeze the sponge and apply the saturated tool in the area so that the grease can effectively be absorbed. To avoid streaking, immediately wipe it with a dry cloth.

6. How about Paint Thinner and Soap?

For another alternative, you had better go for paint thinner and soap a try. The type of cleaning using the combination is actually addressed to hardwood cabinets with the toughest grime and grease as well.

When it comes to comparison, there should be an equal division between paint thinner and soap. Unless you have clues on what type of soap best used, we always give a way by confirming the fact that Murphy oil soap is bad to be missed.

Like other cleaning methods, you are free to use either a brush or a sponge along with the solution. Gently rub the affected area. Then, wipe out the solution with an old but clean cloth.

If you want your cabinets to look more stylish, there is no harm to applying the conditioner as well as conditioner. The products are also great to keep removing the new buildup on your kitchen cabinets.

To come to the point, there is a variety of tips on how to clean wood kitchen cabinets. For a lighter case, applying some vinegar is nothing but awesome. For heavy case, our best recommendation is always a combination between paint thinner and soap.

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