How to Clean Wood Furniture Effectively with Obtainable Tools and Supplies

Clean Wood Furniture

The choice of furniture made of wood must come with a few reasons. Most of homeowners favor the wooden pieces because of its elegance. Their presence literally brings warmth and adds an artistic touch into the rests of your space.

The styles to opt for are found to be miscellaneous from farmhouse to neo-minimalism. Apart from them, knowing how to clean wood furniture is the thing you can’t get wrong about in order to let it durable.

Here are some beneficial tips to make your wood furniture stay clean:

1. Do the Regular Dusting

Regularly dusting your wooden furniture is such a great consideration you can’t take lightly when it comes to cleaning wood furniture. The accumulated dirt could be something devastating to the furniture. As a consequence, this type of cleaning should be carried out on a regular basis.

Dusting activity basically is to take away the debris sticking to the surface of the furniture. If you ignore the removal, the dirt will harm the wood structure.

There are some types of cleaning tools working well you can apply. If you wish for something cheap, you can actually use your worn T-shirt or clean diaper. Before applying the fabric, it’s better for you to dampen and wring it out first.

Microfiber cloth itself has a smooth texture, highly convenient to wood furniture with delicate surfaces. Specifically designed, this kind of fabric has a capacity to grab the tiniest part of the debris.

Feather-based duster could be effective wood furniture cleaner to choose from. Not only is it great for delicate surface but it’s powerful enough to get rid of dirt in the damaged part. If the wooden objects are carved letting you hard to reach the deep section, you can take full advantage of lamb’s wool duster. Comprised of lanolin, this cleaning device is also convenient to ceiling fans as well as light fixtures.

2. Use Tea Bags to Eliminate the Old Polish

In some cases, the aged polished wood furniture has dirt relatively stubborn. A specific treatment is somewhat required. If the duster is found to be ineffective, there is no way better other than benefitting the tea bags.

The preparation arguably is simple. Soak two tea bags in a pan full of boiling water. Then, let the tea sit for a couple of hours with a room temperature. Tomorrow’s use is considered better.

After leaving the tea cool, it’s time to steep your soft cloth in the pan where you boiled along with tea bags. Wring the fabric out until it’s dry then wipe the wooden furniture with that. It’s not that hard to fade the old buildup of the polish away with the tea technique.

Why it’s great is nothing else yet the presence of a substance named tannic acid. Don’t be surprised once you see your old wooden furniture become smoother and shinier.

3. Have a Try on Homemade Wood Cleaner

Never get wrong that oil polishes help to protect the outer layer of wooden furniture. The truth tells something different. They play an important role in making the wooden surface more slippery. Moreover, the polishes (especially with pure olive oil) leave some fingerprints. And sadly, they’re easy to attract the dust.

Hence, what is the best solution to solve this type of matter? Instead of using commercial spray filled with chemicals and harming the wooden surface.

For a safer option, we recommend you to use a homemade wood cleaner that comprises a denatured alcohol, olive oil, lemon juice, and not to mention the gum turpentine. When you’re successful in combining the ingredients, immediately immerse the soft cloth then do the cleaning.

4. Non-Gel Toothpaste to Remove Water Stains

How to get stains out of wood? Some might think that water stains generated by hot or cold beverage are tough to remove. Yes, it makes sense if you have a go with the conventional way like with a regular duster. However, everything is a lot easier with non-gel toothpaste.

For the application, simply smear the paste over the affected area on the wooden structure. Afterward, gently rub it with your soft cloth until the water stain is totally gone.

5. Baking Soda is Poor to Be Missed out on

It’s such a miserable thing after realizing the fact that your favorite wooden dining tables are covered by an ink mark. To clean wood tables, you can make use of a simple component available at your kitchen – baking soda.

With this way, you can save some money. Start the procedure by making a paste first – just combine baking soda (one tablespoon) and water (one teaspoon).

Apply the easy-to-make paste on the affected area and gently rub with the soft fabric. Keep rubbing the surface until the dark mark slowly disappears. After it’s gone, you can wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth. If the look is no longer interesting, there is no harm to using wood polish. As a result, your wooden table begins to shine again.

6. How about Using Paste Wax?

Paste wax is another alternative to clean old wooden furniture. You can start the paste wax application by placing wax with the size as big as a golf ball in a cotton fabric. Then, knead the paste wax inside the fabric until it’s refined and smooth.

Apply the wax in the affected part and thoroughly rub it in a circular way. To discard the excess, grab the soft cloth then wipe the area thoroughly. Repeat this easy procedure until the dirt is fully gone.

To let your wooden furniture shine, you are recommended to polish the surface with the choice of a pad made of lamb wool. A power buffer is needed allowing the pad to work. If you find the wax start smearing, it’s essential that you continue cleaning with a dry, soft cloth. The keynote is, don’t ever try to use aerosol or any liquid as it can easily dissolve the wax.

To sum things up, steps concerning how to clean wood furniture effectively can be followed by any homeowners, meaning that you don’t require a professional to do the cleaning task. Simply grab your home cleaning tools and supplies.

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  1. I really appreciate your tip on how you can use a worn T-shirt to dust off any of your wooden furniture! My wife and I recently inherited some antique wooden furniture from my grandmother, and we want to make it look nice. I will be sure to tell my wife that we should try and dust it off with an old T-shirt so they look nice!

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