How to Clean Marble Floors

how to clean Marble Floors

To give rise to palatial impression at your home, the choice of marble flooring is nothing yet outstanding.  Asides from bringing convenience, the deluxe addition is helpful to prevent scratching problems.

There is no wonder that it often becomes a focus of attention in numerous commercial buildings and residential houses. However, the key point you need to take into consideration is the steps on how to clean marble floors.

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1. Understand the Characteristics of Marble Floors

Prior to doing the clean-up, it’s essential that you know the characteristics of marble floors. As a matter fact, marble is a type of stone that’s highly porous meaning that it can easily erode. It’s also susceptible to get staining problems – and even one spill of any can lead to terrifying stains.

Bear in mind that marble belongs to basic substance. Once it’s affected by something acidic, the damage is likely the best word describing your current flooring.

After figuring out the essential quality of marble stone, make sure that you keep any source containing high level of acidity away. For instance, pouring lemon juice or vinegar on marble could be the worst idea. The etching issue surely will pop up when the marble floor gets tarnished with the liquid. Cleaning agents considered abrasive like scouring powder need to be avoided too.

2. Remove the Spills as Soon as Possible

You can begin the easy procedure of cleaning marble tile by getting rid of spills (any types of sill including water) as soon you realize its presence on the floor.

The quick measure, for sure, saves the flooring from bad possibilities that can happen in the near future. To clean the spill up, you can use a soft cloth. Thoroughly wipe the surface with the fabric. Make sure that the area is completely dry.

3. Apply Hot Water

When you find your marble floor filled with filth and it needs some effort to remove it, there is no way better other than using hot, clean water. The liquid typically belongs to a gentle cleaning product effectively eliminate the grime strongly sticking to your floor. For the tool, you can utilize a sponge. Before wiping the affected area, steep the sponge in a bucket full of hot water.

The choice of clean water comes with a reason. You need to understand that any debris or dirt obtainable in the water is able to create scratches on your marble flooring. Even, the minerals can discolor it. For the best recommendation, we suggest that you use distilled water. Besides, never hesitate to change the water on your mop bucket as frequently as possible.

4. Clean the Marble Floor with pH Neutral Cleanser

Marble floor maintenance literally requires deep understanding on the true characteristics of marbles stone.  Simply put, acidic cleaners are harmful to the physical state of your floor. Instead of an acid-based solution, directly apply the pH neutral cleanser.

Our best pick is none other than NC 111 Neutral Cleaner Deodorant. With this environmentally-friendly option, the vein pattern on the marble remains kept and the same is true with the shine.

Hence, how to shine marble floors with pH neutral cleanser? First of all, you have to make sure that you mix the cleanser with fresh water placed in a big mop bucket.

What about the tool? Never miss out on a microfiber mop or if you don’t have it, you are free to a squeegee (a scraping tool with a rubber-edged blade). To remove the grime, be sure to go with slow motion back and forth. Repeat this procedure until the dirt is away.

5. A Treatment to Get Rid of Scuff Mark on Marble Flooring

Feeling frustrated due to the presence of a scuff mark on your marble flooring? There is nothing to get worried about. Use a mild felt pad to take it off. As what homeowners claim, this type of device stuns when it comes to giving protection to your floor.

Dip the felt pad in a bucket loaded with a mixture comprised of water and detergent for a couple minutes. Then, start rubbing the dirty ground with the sophisticated marble floor cleaner.

Is there any particular technique in removing the dirt with the felt pad? Obviously yes; you can’t go for any methods you want. We anticipate that you don’t make use of a circular pattern when cleaning the area. There should be a contradictory movement between your hands and the motorized device. The reason why this step is taken is to maintain the surface of the marble floor relatively sensitive.

6. Don’t Ever Try to Vacuum

Vacuuming could be such a common thing in cleaning. Despite so, you can’t perform this measure on your marble floor care. The bad news is that the cleaning machine can lead to streaks and scratches on the marble flooring.

For the daily cleanup, you can’t be apart from the presence of a broom. Perhaps, it requires some effort to do the cleaning with that – yet it’s ok, it helps you burn your calories. Find the waterproof one for the great pick.

7. Use Baking Soda to Polish Your Marble Floor

Then, how to polish marble floor? Get your DIY approach to beautify and smoothen your marble flooring. Before taking the further step on polishing, you need to ensure that the dirt removal is completely done and the surface is totally dry. For eco polishing option, you can take full advantage of your baking soda available in the kitchen.

Firstly, mix baking soda and water and soak a clean cloth in the mixture. Then apply the saturated fabric on your marble flooring. In order to let it shine, make sure that you leave it for 5 hours. After it totally is dry, you can apply the microfiber cloth dipped in warm water for the final cleansing. With a circular motion, slowly wipe the floor with it. Voila, your floor is back to shine.

In a few words, the procedure on how to clean marble floors is definitely different from the rests. As it’s highly resistant to acidic substances, careful cleaning is highly needed.

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