How much does a Bundle of Shingles Weigh? Find the Answer Shortly!

How much does a Bundle of Shingles Weigh

One of the essential consideration when it comes to replacing your shingle roof is nothing else but estimating the disposal budget. To curtail the outlay on this, it’s vital that you take into account the mass of the roof debris as the result of a tear-off process. And the query, frequently asked by homeowners, is how much does a bundle of shingles weigh?

1. A Keynote to Remember for Saving the Money

The overweight charge could be such a problematic thing to those who cut the monthly expense. It’s caused by the dense weight of the unused wastes. For sure, it’s heavy to transfer from your home to the dumpster. The trick to saving your money is by estimating the quantity of matter obtainable in the trash and comparing it with the rates of a dumpster. This note should be kept in your mind if you go for saving choice.

2. How to Calculate the Total Weight of a Bundle of Shingles

To start the calculation of the whole weight of the old wastes, you need to know the current weight of your brand-new shingles. You are free to multiply the mass of a bundle of shingles by the whole number of the bundles you have ordered as well as the number of layers of shingle. The rough estimation gained from the calculation might not be in the precise position due to some factors like the loss of granules on the old shingles.

So, how many shingles in a bundle according to the large majority? It turns out that a bundle of shingle comes with weight ranging from 50 to 80 lbs. Unlike the common type, the architectural version weighs between 65 and 80 lbs. Meanwhile, the shingles of 3 tab have maximum weight relatively lower, i.e., 50 to 65 lbs. The weight of the shingle bundle can also show a discrepancy depending on the quality of each shingle. The 5-year warranty is, without question, is different from the 10-year warranty.

3. What about the Weight of a Square of Shingles?

For the simplification reason, you are able to calculate the total weight of shingles based on the total of squares. Do you know the square standard? The measurement unit of it is equal to 100 square feet. It’s often used in the industry of roofing. At the bottom, one square is equivalent to three bundles of shingles. It indicates that each bundle is comprised of 33 square feet. The thickets bundle of shingles usually contains 4 bundles.

The general term confirms that one square of shingles actually weighs between 150 and 240 lbs. What about the most solid one? With reference to common sense, the thickest shingles of roofing come with a weight that ranges from 320 t0 400 lbs each square. Like the total weight, weight, as stated by shingles per square, can be varied depending on the original manufacturer, qualities, and not to mention the types. In comparison to 3-tab shingles, the architectural variety tends to be denser and surely heavier.

4. Factors that Determine Some Additional Costs

After the tear-off process, additional particles might have an effect on the amount of the disposed items. The additional products relatively light could be nails, as well as waterproofing while the heavy ones increasing the weight of the debris drastically include gutters and flashing. Once the unused objects are added, the chance of the significant rise in price probably gets bigger. That’s why taking a careful plan before disposing of them is overly essential.

5. Think about the Possible Cost for Your New Project

When it comes to replacing the old shingles to the brand-new one, you have to remember that roofing shingles prices do matter. The middle cost overall mainly in the States per 3,000 square feet ranges from 5,000 to 12,000 USD. Is the installation that costly? It actually depends. The lowest rate for hiring a professional is about 3,600 USD, and the highest price is around 120,000 USD.

Since the types of roofing shingles are multifarious, the price of each style also varies. Let’s reveal how the asphalt architectural shingles are priced. It attracts the homeowners with its sculpted, contoured look. In terms of durability, this sort can last for a period of time that is longer from 15 to 30 years. The price per bundle is between 30 and 50 USD while per square is between 100 and 150 USD. For more varieties, you might opt for 3D or dimensional roofing. The product made up a combination of fiberglass and asphalt costs you around 160 USD per bundle or 470 USD per square.

If you want to point out the rustic beauty, there is no way better other than installing the cheddar or wood shake shingles. The price of this kind is similar to the dimensional roofing starting at 470 per square and 160 USD per bundle.  The wooden variety is prone to be affected by either algae or the rapid growth of algae. For the anticipation, the regular cleaning needs to be performed.

6. Things to Consider before Buying the Shingles

Apart from calculating the total weight of your old bundle of shingles, you also need to make the type as your main priority. Take note that not all types of shingle products are made exactly the same. Each has its own characters and specification. The variation from dimensional to cheddar and from metal to slate is created basically to fulfill the consumers’ demand.

Another thing that you should take into account is obviously the quality of the shingles. You can judge the quality of the roofing products based on how they are guaranteed by the manufacturer. Broadly speaking, there are two sorts that include a 20-year warranty and a 30-year warranty. Unless you don’t choose the longer one, the probability of being durable or long-lasting is surely higher.

In conclusion, there are a couple of things to think about before remodeling your roofing system yet the one that strikes a chord with people is this question, “how much does a bundle of shingle weigh?” Why it’s deemed as something central as it directly gives a significant impact on the homeowners’ monthly expense.

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