Freudian Slip or Haughty Hipster Fashion?

Haughty Hipster Fashion

Textbook Freudian craft-slip: the Oedipal macrame.

(Photo: Floto + Warner; Dwell)

One could easily excuse the massive wall hanging’s explicit innuendos if it were not for the flowing, fluffy rocking chair seated beside it. Circular design stands strikingly center to the overall styling of this modern living space. Yet the designer has done a wonderfully job of repeating his themes through the rest of the room.

From the colors and shapes used in the wall hanging seen beside this Freudian focal point, to the color of the handles of this oh-too-elaborate chair, this strange centerpiece is well integrated throughout. We only get a glimpse of the ceiling, but the designer has gone with long, flowing lines of varying grains and hues, pairing the presence of wood with the floor of the adjoining room, and slight step leading to it.

This is a television room with a difference, leading one to wonder what the adjacent space may be holding. Whatever it is, one can expect ultra-modern room design with an essence of industrial composition and style. Paneled walls mimic machinery, with matching light fittings and a large screen display adorning the cold, calculated space which is wonderfully warmed by the large rope-braided wall hanging. Purposeful tile layout ensures that the lounge is well-divided from the rest of the space, with our massive rope hanging doing a good job of breaking apart separate living areas.

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