Guide to Build a Deck for Relaxation and Socializing

Having a proper deck at home gives you extra space for relaxing or socializing. Knowing how to build a deck is useful to improve...
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An All-Encompassing Indoor-Outdoor Area

Though she sometimes longed for the privacy of even a single wall, she could do little but trust her father’s literal take on open-plan...
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A Wooden Home Leaving You Astounded

Jeb was mighty pleased that his hand-hewn shelter had survived the twister, and he wouldn’t miss the sliding barn doors one bit. Muriel, on...
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Ultra-Modern Apartment Living

The rumors were true—the neighbors weren’t eating organic. (Photo: Kamil Bialous; Dwell) This cutting-edge ultra-modern architectural layout shows how designers can fine tune metallic tones,...
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Scenic Views from Nature and Beyond

So this is what the Airbnb listing meant by “picturesque sunset views.” (Photo: Richard Powers; Dwell) Set high atop the tree line, this deck displays...
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Captivating Comfort Upon a Picturesque Terrace

Another lonely Friday night? S’more or less. (Photo: Andrea Wyner; Dwell) This spacious deck leaves ample room for design, with the owner capitalizing on the...
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