Crisp Concrete in Captivating Design

Nothing terrified the baby more than the shadows cast on the nursery’s concrete ceiling after one of his brother’s naptime stories.

(Photo: Filip Dujardin; ArchDaily)

Concrete ceilings run through the extent of this modern hipster home, with high walls supporting spaces, each with their unique clear sense of identity thanks to the industrial composition of the interior elements. The passageways run with a polished marble throughout the house. Each room then carries its own flooring, as is seen from the wonderful wood interior of the playroom peeking through in the picture above. With a view of outside like the one seen in this picture, it is clear why the owner went with a natural aesthetic for this room. The room and consequent cot match the view from outside perfectly.

Can one even think of a better environment for a baby to laze than in the indoor “outdoor” room seen above? A darkened tint allows just enough light through, with just a single downlight needed to illuminate the space at night.  The division in the white structural walls creates a fantastic geometrical styling to follow throughout the passageways of this house. One can only but wonder how this design has been expanded upon, especially given the cubism of the rectangular concrete corner support, fitting the linear nature. The industrial feel of the passageways is further accented by the choice of light switch. With each room branching into something quite different, this rugged aesthetic made for a good choice.

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