Find Your Edgy Style in Home Designing: Cork Flooring Pros and Cons

cork flooring pros and cons

Planning to remodel your house interior? Start with the flooring and bring a brand-new design out of the box. Our best pick over the past decade is nothing else but this guy – the cork flooring. Not only does the home addition make the space of yours look pleasantly cutting-edge but it helps to let the walking surface more convenient.

For the further details, there is no harm to give the cork flooring pros and cons and its reviews the once-over.

1. What is Cork Flooring?

Generally speaking, cork flooring refers to covering the base surface of a room with cork. It’s widely popular in the production of wine. The object is highly useful in maintaining the quality of the grape-based alcoholic beverage.

In relation to home design, cork flooring comes with a capacity to generate a natural look as well as control sound. Arguably, the benefits of cork are copious. In the States, this sort has been installed throughout libraries, houses, and not to mention churches.

2. Advantages of Installing Cork Flooring

When it comes to a health reason, this model literally fits with your initial purpose of pointing out a healthy lifestyle. Unlike the common flooring somehow inducing the growth and development of mildew, cork flooring tiles do in reverse.

Don’t you know that cork has a hypoallergenic trait that is resistant to mold? Its anti-microbial qualities also are able to keep the dust mites and filth away.  And eventually, it’s well-suited to those who undergo a breathing issue like asthma and allergy.

The key reason why most homeowners opt for cork flooring is how the fine material brings the ultimate comfort to the walkers. It plainly is soft underfoot. Such ease arises because of the air-filled cells becoming shock absorbers.

Once you step onto the floor and compress the surface, you will find it flexible and easy to return to the early shape. In the medical world, substances in cork help to relieve pain mainly on your leg and back.

The following advantage is none other than cork flooring durability. With routine maintenance, it can stand for a period of time relatively longer. Its main enemies are factually the sand granules and rocks. The rough particles contribute in the process of scratching.

Consequently, be sure to regularly sweep the floor. For the best cleaning, you’re recommended to apply either a vacuum (provided for a bare floor) or a static dust broom.

Cork flooring totally is OK with the flaming heat system inside your room. Additionally, it incredibly serves as a natural insulator. What does the indication mean? In brief, it really perfects your harsh wintry time since you are trouble-free from stepping cold floor.

You know some feel annoyed when the chilly winter comes ruining the people’s day, and cork appears to be an ultimate savior. Its characteristic in trapping the heat is nothing but distinguished.

Another highlight that cork flooring has to offer is its function as a sound dampener. How it works appears overly natural. It’s such an impeccable solution when you face the issues of sound (especially to those living in the bustling area lousy with unwanted noise).

Comprising bulky sponge, this variety has a capability in absorbing some vibrations as well as footfalls. The volume produced becomes acceptable to your ears.

3. Disadvantages of Cork Flooring

Despite the fact that cork flooring comes with a number of benefits, it also has some disadvantages. It turns out that cork flooring tiles tend to be affected by the weather condition particularly the level of humidity and temperature. It experiences either shrinking or expansion when moisture strikes them out. The best anticipation is by acclimatizing the flooring not less than five days before getting the flooring to be installed.

Made of wood, cork flooring is vulnerable to being scratched and dented. To avoid the scratch issue, it’s important that you take your high-heels off. The indent problem might take place due to the pressure caused by heavy furniture. The good thing is that it can be anticipated by the presence of its flexible property. However, keep in mind that placing a heavy object on it totally is not recommended.

Apparently, it will easily look outdated and grubby as well unless you regularly seal the cork flooring. Moreover, its feature that easily absorbs stain has made your floor surface look uneven. This one can be serious trouble particularly to anyone of you who think that appearance is on top of everything. You might hire an experienced professional to let the ground have an even finish. And unfortunately, there are not many options when it comes to colors.

4. The Cost of Cork Flooring

In comparison to the traditional flooring, the cost of cork flooring is relatively lower. How does it come? How the basic materials made up in it should be something clear. Cork is one of the affordable materials. It can be 1.1 USD per square feet. In point fact, the price can vary depending on the shade of the flooring as well as the main highlights of it from characteristic to durability. What about the installation fee? Is it that expensive? In line with the material, the charge doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. You will spend from 4 to 8 USD per square feet.

5. Some Tips concerning the Installation of Cork Flooring

Let’s end the cork flooring reviews by carefully regarding how to install this type correctly. As physical harm (damage for instance) is likely easy to occur on the plank, ensure that you apply the tapping block – this one is already on hand from the manufacturer. Then, you need to leave your flooring perimeter with a gap which is about 0.5 inch. The purpose of doing this is to avoid the material’s contraction and expansion. In order to let it stay long-lasting, it’s vital that you use polyurethane protection.

It’s true that cork flooring pros and cons always bring out color allowing you to get varied home design perspectives. But in a word, the idea of installing the cork flooring would be such a great preference drawing some inspiration to many people.

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