Compact Contemporary Living on a Large Estate

Yes, it was clear now. He’d overreacted to the Instagram terms of service update.

Photo: Brent Humphreys; Dwell

With a guest room/cottage like the one seen above, any child or visiting friend or family member will be hard pressed to want to leave. Cubist modern design is combined with hipster landscaping set in an environment which is as warmly welcoming as the cozy cottage itself. Upmarket style is afforded through little more than setting in place stepped gardens, akin to those found in Zen landscapes.

The tiered design does wonders for the outward appeal, leading one to love the structure before even entering its doors. Instead of a welcome mat, a solid section of stone is placed, offsetting the flat grounds of the tiered, platformed entrance and its surroundings.

The perfect space for one which is equally ideal for two, this elegant home varies its outward walls in order to grant an immediate appeal. Single sheets are used for the surrounding walls, with just one panel laid out in horizontal boards. The result is a look which breaks the mundane plain styling of a standard outside structure separate of the main house.

An angled roof is the perfect finishing with a skylight tucked away neatly in the same triangular form. One can only envision what the finitely lit space becomes when the morning or afternoon sun hits.

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