Colorful Contrast In an Open-Plan Home

Dinner parties were reckless, and nearly primal, ever since Bruce built his fire pit.

(Photo: John Clark; Dwell)

A lime green front door playing on the colors and hues present in the garden welcomes one to this brightly decorated hipster home. Contrasting the lime is framework in an orange which borders on red. The design went for this odd pairing to meld the deep hues of the wooden terrace seen above. When in the right light, the deep brown textures have their ruby red brought out. This motif works very well against the basic grey unfinished brickwork, granting this abode its distinct hipster flair. A simple patio and minimalistic bench made from a reclaimed wooden beam are yet another key element of this style.

As one peers inward, one can clearly see the aesthetic continuing its trend through the wooden staircase and polished grey floor. Resembling what one may expect to find in a warehouse, the color works extremely well against the wooden wall, brown wall hanging, and focal staircase. All that this needed to bring warmth to the space was an elegant carpet in a neutral color, blue works very well. Glimpsing from the backyard is a roaring fire, highlighting the patio and entertainment area set amid a thriving garden. With either end of the house looking distinctly different from the other, the designer has done well with this open-plan space.

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