Capturing the Essence of Home in Ultra-Modern Living

That first day had seemed so full of promise—no hint of the emaciated man that would be weeping on the floor day three of the juice cleanse.

(Photo Naomi Finlay; Dwell)

Any hipster would be more than happy in a home featuring a kitchen such as the one above. The designer in question has brought about the best of this space, combining elements of cutting-edge design with wooden tones and textures which would bring happiness to the heart of a hipster.

With a basic work counter and cooktop, which covers your storage needs along with your cooking demands, the shiny metallic surface replicates itself through the design of fridge, oven, free-form note board, and the elegant extension carrying across the ceiling. From this modern element of design, a cubic extractor fan can be seen hanging directly above the cooktop, making the layout both functional and highly appealing.

All that it took to finish off this sleek design were a few simple but bright paintings and a trolley which would soon become indispensable to anyone operating in the kitchen. The wooden unit wherein the oven is set is matched to both the top of the bin beneath the washbasin, and the contemporary bar stools seated aside it.

In order to round off this otherwise brash design, the floor was covered with a matte-grey tile of a square shape which perfectly lines and levels the entire room, setting about just the right balance of basic minimalism and modernist style.

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