Captivating Kitchen Fireplace in Perfect Placement

Guests found the chimney’s expression unsettling, though Roger insisted upon its benevolence. This turned out to be his undoing.

(Photo: Mark Mahaney; Dwell)

Reclaimed wood has never looked so good. The wooden support beam stands wonderfully and practically as the centerpiece of this minimalist hipster kitchen. Tall white walls with an almost clinical feel are warmed through the perfect placement of a fireplace, bridged and brought together by the broad beam. The pairing between the color of the floor and the structural support center to the room is not only aesthetically pleasing, but the polished kitchen floor is sure to handle wear and tear very well thanks to the industrial finishings.

Deep browns are used wonderfully in the adjacent living room, serving as a match to the huge elongated fireplace, and a timeless style-set suited to contemporary living. No less than four finite shades of wood have been used across the two rooms. Brown is, after all, one of the best bets for an all-white room. Neutral colors blend blissfully into this scheme, creating a truly functional kitchen space which is a pleasure to work in. From the multiple drawers and cabinets of the work counter, to the sprawling gas stove and fireplace oven perfect for pizza, this is a kitchen which is as productive and easy to use as it is a pleasure on the eyes.

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