Captivating Design by Confirming to Rectangular Dimensions

What separates a light-filled entryway from an indoor bowling alley? A bottle of cachaça.

(Photo: Zubin Shroff; Dwell)

Giving in to a fixation on rectangles and the ideal lines which they form when meeting and intersecting, this walkway leads toward a mysterious room, strangely decorated. Yet the odd shaped vases serve as a great contrast to the otherwise square linearity of the rest of the design.

Perhaps more color is to be added in the form of plants; it would certainly pair with the growing lawn quite well. Nothing more than shades of grey and basic white has been used to craft this modern space. Every element of its architecture encircles a rectangular with another cubic creation, duplicating the design in a manner most beautiful.

Given the yellowing color of the grass, one can speculate that the designer would soon fill in the area with concrete or another man-made creation. Urbanization is sure to take over the entire space, especially when looking at the glimpses of the inside granted in the image above.

A mosaic of sorts can be seen as you enter the structure, as can an industrial grid which was as much placed for practicality, as it is for accentuating the aesthetics. Fringing the roof is a steel blue rim which seems to help the structure blend into the azure sky above. The entire concept screams elegance, although the space does need finishing touches.

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