Captivating Comfort Upon a Picturesque Terrace

Captivating Comfort Upon a Picturesque Terrace

Another lonely Friday night? S’more or less.

(Photo: Andrea Wyner; Dwell)

This spacious deck leaves ample room for design, with the owner capitalizing on the space using a layout centered around a fire pit. With a terrace lifting to such an attractive elevation, it is no wonder that the designer felt that it would be best to stay seated close to the edge. The convenience is unmistakable, while the overall style of the couches, fire pit, and adjacent table all follow the same structuring and design lines.

Alternating colors were chosen for the throw pillows, with ample pillows providing comfort and luxury no matter how you wish to sit or lie down, and regardless of the number of people seated.

The earthy browns, creams, and greys set a spectacular scene without lifting the luxury to such a level that it becomes impractical. Glass safety fencing is present around the entire area, angled to an incline which both lifts the visual appeal and ups the level of safety. Should the kitchen be within close proximity, this space soon become the chosen area to dine and prepare food.

Some owners may opt for a gas outdoor cooking solution so that your preparation is not only limited to warmer weather. Yet the timeless appeal of an open fire is still the preferred choice for many, the surroundings simply call for a real, crackling fire, warming the heart and the immediate environment.

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