Bringing the Tropics to Ultra-Modern Living

As heartbreaking as it was to watch him on the closed circuit monitor, tottering through the halls on the search for potable water, they’d committed to self-rearing.

(Photo: David Sandison; Dwell)

With a property that large and a garden that lavish, it is no wonder that this discerning home owner decided to place the emphasis upon the vision seen out of each large pane. The entire walk adjacent to the house is under the cover of a long terrace, as well serving as a patio on looking the pristinely landscaped tropical garden seen in the imagine above. Natural plays in focal role in the layout and design of this house, as can be seen by the bonsai seated atop the dark-wood table and light-stained chairs. With the entire property being securely surrounded by hedges and high fences, this home delivers the perfect play area for your little ones, with each outdoor space being within easy reach of every other room.

Every room facing the garden is given access to a communal space that envelops you in an air of tranquility and peace. While waking up to the sight of a lush garden such as the one above is enough of a boost to get anyone going. The setting works on many levels. Tiles are a great choice for any indoor-outdoor space. You can see how nicely they frame the walkways, blending the best of the natural scenery bordering and the clean, minimalist home design made clear from the walkway and terrace.

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