Breaking Apart a Room with Bright Colors

Breaking Apart a Room with Bright Colors

Another passive aggressive retaliation in the paint wars.

(Photo: Dwell)

Innovation breaks apart the mold of society, taking colors, designs, and components unforeseen and melding them in timeless style. This modern space brings outside in, separating living areas through unconventional colors and a patterned-layered wall design which grants dimension and decoration to the room.

From the rope matching the oddly glassed garden to the definite divide between the shade of purple at its edge and the plum floor of the on looking space, other-worldly aesthetics reign supreme in this design. Even the lighting in this area steps a notch above, featuring a chandelier which is as minimalistic and elegant as the room which houses it.

Yet despite the uncommon materials used in the dividing wall, and the oddly matched colors, the scheme works. A lounge area can be seen featuring modern couches and a globular light atop a tapered stem. The veneer of the wooden floor works wonderfully, being matched up to the separating beam indicating the start of a new room. Each stair displays the wood grain used, highlighting the transition of this massive room.

A sheer white ceiling blends the bright colors of each room, while matching the finishings’ lights, and couches to perfection. Pairing throughout the design cannot be faulted, even the brickwork backing of the indoor encased garden integrates effortlessly into the overall look.

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