Blissful Relaxation in a Bare-Bones Bathroom

Bare-Bones Bathroom

Nothing says “relaxing” like being tub-judged by your artwork.

(Photo: Tara Donne; Dwell)

Minimalistic charm can be exuded from any area of the home, as this selectively decorated wide-open bathroom clearly shows. With little more than contrasting surfaces and a carefully chosen piece of artwork, this deep tub is both enticing and attractive.

Giving you a sense of isolation from the stresses of daily life, a relaxed bath is exactly what one needs to unwind, with this scarcely adorned space delivering nothing but the essentials. The marbled floor and wall is offset by the white brickwork, delivering quintessential hipster style to a space where it is much needed. Solid marble sheets elevate the layout to luxury, through the elevated marble bath and shower area having their focus fixed.

Without the rustic touches added by the bricks and contemporary art, this space would pale in comparison. The large, round shower head is a great pairing to the aesthetics of the extractor fan, stainless steel pipes and fittings, and the compact shower controls.

Just the slight hint of color added by the bath towel enlivens the space. One does not need more thanks to the marbled wall and floor. A painting is precisely placed to look out over the entire room, breaking the light colors used throughout the design.

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