Blissful Brickwork, Bright Lights & Bright Metallic Surfaces

Bright Metallic Surfaces

The convection ovenlights were bound to impress, destined to injure.

(Photo: Gregory Miller; Dwell)

Synchronistic design hinges upon repeated colors, tones, shades, and other elements of design. The designer of the kitchen above has done a fantastic job of carrying through the metallic elements of his creation. From the striking center table to the chromed four-slice toaster, embedded oven, and kitchen fixtures, colors and surfaces are well-paired throughout. The grey cracks of the brickwork and its mortar match the interior of the cupboards as well as the metallic veneer of the appliances and table. Window panes are perfectly accentuated using a dark wood, the only area where this shade is used.

As you can see, glass works very well within this space. The neutral shades and calming ambiance are best highlighted through the placement of elegant creations, reflecting the warm light cast from above. The most striking feature of this kitchen can be said to be the lighting: Instantly drawing your attention and conjuring ideas of steampunk styling, these lights cast a glow.

In order to ensure that every area of the kitchen is fully illuminated, drop lights have been strategically placed to shine down toward the counter surfaces. An arched entrance clearly identifies the new space, setting it apart within the home, while one can see the minimalistic approach to design being transported to other rooms, as hinted by the ‘X’ artwork on the wall.

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