Awe-Inspiring Aluminum

Awe-Inspiring Aluminum

It doesn’t work for James Franco either.

(Photo: Misty Keasler: Dwell)

Wood and metal work well when paired and blended with basic white minimalism and a centerpiece of color. In the example above, a patchwork bedspread takes this role. Through combining colors featured in the room in the bedspread, the deep hues of the wooden furniture, floor and headboard are accentuated.

The sheet metal is set out to create a striking triangular design, using the natural contours of the space as a framework for style. Aluminum does a wonderful job of retaining heat, bumping up the comfortability during colder months.

All that was needed to round of this bed room were a few finishing touches such as the metallic light switch, stylish black meshed air vent cover, and a globular light to illuminate the space. Sticking to the pyramidal pretense of the overall design, each painting displayed is tiered to mimic a stepped, triangular procession.

As if it is ushering you into your area of sleep, the denim blue carpet works very well when cast aside the patterns and patches present in the varying reflections upon the sheet metal ceiling. The final result is a room which is so comfortable that even your canine companion will not be able to resist taking a nap.

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  1. Beautiful idea for a minimalist room! Just in time for our house renovation. Thank you for sharing this idea!

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