Awaken to the Outdoors

Awaken to the Outdoors

Looking back, it was clear that the judgy plants had crushed their intimacy.

(Photo: Dwell)

Whether you wake up with an inkling to lie in and watch TV, or jump out of bed full of energy, this room makes provision. The potted garden standing on the patio beside serves as an enticing point of interest, instantly drawing your attention upon waking on a bright, sunny morning.

Large window panes and even bigger sliding doors allow ample light in with light curtains preventing viewing from outside, while still allowing the room to be engulfed by light at first rise. Afternoon sun in this space can be imagined to be just as wonderful, with the homely wooden floor, ceiling and wall paneling adding to the outdoor appeal of this indoor space.

The large blue throw rug is perfectly matched to the storage case doubling as a television stand. In the corner of the image above one can see how the designer has made provision for a workspace to be included in the room. Standing ample distance from the sleeping area itself, your rest will be free from distraction while the surface itself stands as a highly practical and functional addition to the room. You will notice that the patio is completely surrounded by potted plants. This appears to extend to all sides. It is no wonder than the designer went with such large window panes, after all, that is certainly a sight which will capture your attention as either a visitor or the resident of the room.

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