An Emergency Exit for Kids

Thank goodness the daily emergency exit drills were so much fun.

(Photo: Linny Morris; Dwell)

This is an exit which children will fall in love with. Given half a chance, your children will seldom use the front door. While the windows are large enough to allow an adult passage, don’t let your friends see you taking advantage of your child’s slide.

The prospect sure does seem inviting. Yet this is just one aspect of this space’s modern architecture which warms the home, creating an inviting atmosphere. From the lush greenery surrounding the space, to the high-rise rafters of the terraced patio area, every element of its construction is deliberately placed.

The home itself stands stilted, however none of the space has gone to waste. Even the colors of the bare earth garden beneath the home match the wooden finishings, pottery and interior. Potted plants placed around the perimeter suit the setting while also serving as a stylish border. Paneled exterior walls wonderfully fit the overall style of this home, being accentuated through the tall white pillars making up the support of the terrace.

As a final touch, the designer has placed large brown boulders at select areas around the home, another key element which brings together the earthy brown hues and cream tones present.

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