An Alluring Entrance to a Natural Living Space

An Alluring Entrance to a Natural Living Space

Ultimately, a rough way to find out if you’re buzzed, tipsy, or drunk.

(Photo: Daniel Hennessey; Dwell)

You can seldom go wrong when mimicking nature. This entrance shows how a simplistic design can deliver outstanding results, lifting an area into an air of tranquility and peace. One cannot but wonder where this wonderfully lush space leads to. Cool green waters and a plethora of lily pads present themselves as the perfect setting for a small, narrow bridge.

The deck which it leads to carries the same color and the surrounding walls, supplying seclusion and protection from prying eyes and the elements. Thanks to the amazing natural surroundings, this superb causeway stays spiritual in its aesthetic yet forever changing at the same time.

See how shades of yellow are cast as a reflection from the autumn leaves of the trees towering above. Throughout the year, one can imagine how varying scenery will enliven the space, transforming the colors of the light-green water into a living arrangement of ever-changing adornment. An entranceway of matching mystique will be hard to find.

One can just see the bordering short fence build from wooden poles, guiding the way to the white bridge. While not the easiest area to traverse when less than sober, a spill into the waters would certainly wake you up to its beauty, as well as your own folly.

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