An All-Encompassing Indoor-Outdoor Area

Though she sometimes longed for the privacy of even a single wall, she could do little but trust her father’s literal take on open-plan living.

(Photo: Chris Wahl; Dwell)

The home above shows you that given enough space, careful planning, and a deep desire to merge outside with indoors, the perfect combination living area can be created. This play on a patio falls safely under the glass rooftop of a deck which is laid out in a most interesting manner. The all-wood construction is backed by a blue support fence built also out of beams. The whole outdoor structure, play area, wall decoration, swings, focal dining space, and most of the decorations, are all made from wood. In actual fact, the entire area stands wonderfully as an exhibit of a natural space.

With enough air and light allowed through thanks to shifting panels, a slanted roof and broad slats between the divisions of the deck’s fence, the illusion of being outside is created. Grass grows and trees flourish, while both adults and their children can unwind with complete peace of mind. It seems that a section of the roof is left permanently exposed so that the tree present in the corner can grow to full capacity. Vines wind around the border wall, with green being added to the wall decorations and lighting to double up on this design motif.

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  1. I love the idea of inside/outside areas of the home. A shady place to eat alfresco in the summer and the perfect place to hang interesting things such as amazing lighting.

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