Allowing Nature to Reign Supreme

No neighbors for miles but when he danced for the plants that morning he couldn’t shake the feeling that somewhere, someone was laughing.

(Photo by Arsi Ikäheimonen; Dwell)

Allowing the full grandeur of the natural surroundings to illuminate this sleeping space, this bedroom uses basic black and a bountiful selection of large panes to embody the feeling of outdoors near effortlessly. The inclusion of indoor plants into a space which allows in the outside has truly transformed this bedroom into a natural living space suited to eco-conscious hipsters. Thanks to having no neighbors for miles, this room requires no blinds or shutters.

The out-looking lake gifts a vision unlike any other, with seasonal changes leaving one eager to awaken to a new day. With change forever present and your style following suit, very little is needed to make the most of this space.

It appears that the only approach to this room is from the lake itself, with the surrounding area being filled with nothing but nature. A record player and speaker with built-in amplifier lies waiting as the only modern addition to this room. The massive door leading outside presents a great way to wake up, allowing in the fresh air and affording you the opportunity to step outside immediately upon waking. One can only wonder what the rest of the house looks like, seeing that the designer has done such a good job with nothing more than wood, glass, and black steel supports.

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