All-Blue Bathing – Obscure Yet Inviting

All-Blue Bathing

She’d asked for prism colors—not prison.

(Photo: Justin Fantl; Dwell)

This designer went out of their way to create a space with as little color variation as possible. While not suited to everyone, the multitude of blues and blue patterning found in this bathroom is rather amazing. An extra-deep tub takes center focus, fastening your thoughts upon what it may be like to bathe in an area which feels almost industrial.

Riveted panels make up the interior wallets, with an extra-high ceiling added an essence of luxury to this surreal space. Your bathroom products such as shaving apparatus, shampoos, and conditioners, are tucked away free from wetness in storage recesses carved into the wall.

Deep storage recesses in an almost azure shade of turquoise serve as functional accents, while giving depth through matching the same shade used on the many small tiles lining the bath and its adjoining wall. A matching pattern was chosen for the floor, just a shade lighter, with a contrast created by the white basin.

Broad pipes and fittings were chosen which match the industrial feel of this sublime bathroom, if adding ever so slightly to the obscurity as well. You truly can’t beat the functionality of this bathroom thanks to the extra-deep tub, fixed large shower head, and hand-held shower, giving you all-encompassing flexibility.

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