A Fold-Up Bed of the Future

He couldn’t put his finger on it, but he had this feeling that his sister had grown weary of his monthly visits.

(Photo by Drew Kelly; Dwell)

No one can deny the versatility and practical benefits of a fold-up bed, yet for years they have been avoided due to their unsightly appearance which has been most prevalent. That is until now. Here we see a hipster who has reinvented a time-old technology into a space-saving innovation which delivers style and fantastic functionality.

Raised or lowered through a rotating mechanism reminiscent of that seen on a ship, the entire bed folds up against the wall, completely encased in an attractive chrome base. With a matching headboard which is equally as post-modern as the base, even the floorboards are engineered to match this centerpiece of sleep.

Riveted and with panels, the flooring carries divisions of black which add just the right accent to the finer details of this bedroom. Girders have been used to craft the ceiling, while the color and curves are a match to both the gleam of the steel and the piping surrounding the entire room.

The orange color left bare on the border of the outward girder is paired with the floor color of the adjacent room, setting in place a definite division which works extremely well. In true hipster fashion, a container number is still listed above the bed, reminding one of the early start to this modern living area. Beside the bedroom, the shower is conveniently seated, making this the ideal location for single living.

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