A Family Expression of Duality

Their overzealous parenting style extended to all aspects of their Montessori curriculum; for this week’s lesson on duality, they renovated the home accordingly.

(Photo: Mark Seelen; Dwell)

Standing as an exhibit of the duality of family dynamics, this abode showcases both a natural wood living space, and one build from conventional brick mortar and plaster, complete with an ornate tiled roof which would make any early Briton proud. The vintage windows, bench and embellishments upon the darkened walls all scream post-modernism, while the simplistic wooden slates of the adjoined space is most definitely a direct contrast. Large concrete slabs set out a walkway towards the natural space and main entrance, whilst soft, lush green grass offsets the color of the home wonderfully and makes a great area for children to play.

Allowing light into the natural space is a series of rectangular crevices, taking the place of a conventional window. The ornate half of the house is adorned with a large, antique window which pairs perfectly with the overall décor. Blending the two worlds took nothing more than the careful placement of a large shrub within a wicker basket. Both the style of the basket and the color brings a blend between the two halves of this gorgeous building. If the view down the passageway is anything to go by, this designer has isolated natural materials such as wood, and neutral colors, into the natural division of the house, while the other half appears to follow the same vintage trend as its exterior aesthetic.

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