Unhappy Hipsters

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UH loves our passionate, intelligent, and wildly good-looking readers. So we’re opening up the floodgates.
Readers can submit the images with original quotes. Please follow UH submissions and credits guidelines; if the photo is not properly credited, it will not run.
Do your homework: search the UH archives to check and see if the image has already run. Repeats will not be considered.
CORRECT IMAGE CREDIT GUIDELINES: (Photographer’s Name; Source)
The source should, ideally, link to the page where the image was grabbed. Images from design magazines such as Dwell are preferred, although pictures from newspapers and architecture blogs will be considered. Images must be professional and in the style of UH. The original captions gotta be witty!
Due to the volume of emails UH receives, submissions sent through the website will be considered first. However, submissions can also be sent to unhappyhipsters@gmail.com
**Important: In the drop-down menu below, be sure to select ‘text’ or ‘photo’ depending on the nature of your submission.